How We Produce

We live it, we have fun producing it and most of all we do it with love!
The production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil is a combination of good agriculture practices, ethical olive oil mills and favourable storing conditions. The olive production is taking place in a very close collaboration with our team "Olanthea" which aims to support and educated producers.
LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill

Receiving and separating varieties

We innovate in the process of receiving and separating each olive variety prior to the olive oil production. When the olives are received they never go straight to the mill. Firstly they our washed, cleaned and separated from the excess leaves that fall in the picking process. Following they are moved specific ventilated containers allowing them to dry properly.

Finally before moving them to the production stage they are separated by variety ensuring a uniform product and higher quality single origin olive oil.
The very final step is splitting the organic olives from the non organic ones and following a different production line for each one to avoid contamination of the organic olive oil. In the meantime all olives are broken down and milled in less than 24 hours from when they were received to ensure maximum quality.
LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill

Production Specifications

- 2 production lines. Bio and normal

- 16 x 1 tonne vibration tanks which seperate producer and variety.

- 2 state of the art centrifuge systems of the German Flottweg, managing a production of 6 and 3 tonnes per hour respectively

- Our decanters are two phased ensuring that the production process leaves no waste disposals that can be harmful for the enviroment

- Each production line is washed every day with high pressure hot water.

- We always cold extract. The "cold extraction" can only be specified on a label when the olive oil is produced in less than 27 °C. We always produce under this limit. This means that we have less yield out of the olives but produces higher quality, intense aroma, better taste and richer in polyphenol olive oil.

- All our connector pipes are INOX
LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill

Storing and laboratory checks

Olive oil slowly degrades from the first moment of production due to the exposure to oxygen and light. At Skoura olive oil mill we enforce 18 high caliber INOX tanks allowing us to store over 500 tonnes of olive oil in specific spaces enriched with nitrogen generated through a nitrogen generator for the removal of oxygen.

Laboratory checks

In our lab we have all the required equipment allowing us to generate tests in order to know the quality of the olive prior to the olive oil production.

Organoleptic and chemical tests:
Further tests allow us to measure the acidity and also K232, K268 and the number of peroxides in olive oil.

Our team is formed out of certified olive oil tasters, making various checks and categorising each production batch by quality.

Certified Lakonia  PGI (ΠΓΕ)

All our products are certified Lakonia PGI (ΠΓΕ) which means that the olive trees are cultivated and the olive oil is produced and packaged only in the Lakonian region and with strict guidlines that show off the unique characteristics deriving from the Lakonian climate and soil conditions.
LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill, Certified P.D.O. Lakonia
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