Our Products

From the Spartan valley to your table.

Spartan Strength BIO (SSB)

More and more organic olive producers trust our olive oil mill for the production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil. The process ensures that there will not be any contamination through our separate bio line production. At the same time each producer has their own separate tank and blending only takes place after all laboratory checks are performed. A superior olive oil product that will capture your senses!

Spartan Strength 1 (SS1)

You will taste a relatively soft olive oil(not intense or spicy), this olive oil comes from ripe olives hence which brings out tomato like aroma and less polyphenols. Fits all cooked food while not overpowering the end flavour. We suggest pairing it with fish, eggs, and lettuce salads. Also works well in cooking and confectionary.

Spartan Strength 2 (SS2)

Our SS2 is a more intense olive oil. Most will fell this olive oil more spicy and the more experienced tasters will feel a mild and pleasant bitterness on the side of the tongue. Richer in polyphenols, with more "green" aromas like artichokes, walnuts, avocado etc. Our suggestion is to pair it on the grill with white meat, vegetables, pasta, along side soft cheese as well as making sauces for salads.

Spartan Strength 3 (SS3)

Bitter and spicy. Very rich in polyphenols. Very few olive oils hold the right to label the benefits to our health. Our SS3 follows the strict European guidelines 432/2012 for health claims. It is very rich in oleic acid and a great source of vitamin E. Oleic acid is an unsaturated fat. Replacing saturated with unsaturated fats in our diet helps retain normal cholesterol levels in the blood. Vitamin E helps protect our cells from oxidative stress.

Aromas are unripe like grass, olive leaves and wild herbs. Other from acting as medicine, our SS3 will perfectly pair intense cheese, seafood, various sauces and spicy dishes as well as red meats.
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