Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the Spartan valley to your table
LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill

Maximum Quality

The olive production is taking place in a very close collaboration with our team "Olanthea" which aims to support and educate producers.
LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill

Certified Lakonia PGI (ΠΓΕ)

The production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil is a combination of good agriculture practices, ethical olive oil mills and favourable storing conditions.
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LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill

Storing & Laboratory

In our lab we have all the required equipment allowing us to generate tests in order to know the quality of the olive prior to the olive oil production.
LOLIVE - Skoura Olive Oil Mill

Real Spartan Olive Oil

We produce 3 different types of olive oil according to their flavour intensity. Our aim is to maintain a unique flavour profile in all our products that derives from the unique weather and soil characteristics of the Spartan valley.

All our products are certified protected designation of origin from Lakonia(Lakonia PGI)

It is quite easy to get lost in the definitions and terminology of identifying the flavour characteristics of any olive oil. It can be fruity, bitter, spicy, acidic, balanced, early harvest, mature, with a lot of polyphenols, without a lot of polyphenols and so on.

We try to make it simpler. All our olive oils are high quality, rich in flavour and most of all, real olive oil. Our Spartan strength series indicates the intensity from 1-3. 1 being the mild and 3 being intense.
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Our Team

We are a team of passionate producers and professionals in the olive oil industry. We love olive oil and we strongly believe in all the great benefits it provides towards a healthier lifestyle. We live it, we have fun producing it and most of all we do it with love!

How We Produce

The production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil begins in the field.
The production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil begins in the field. Everything matters. The olives variety, the soil, the harvest time and how quickly you begin the production after the harvest. Using the latest technology in olive oil mill equipment and cold extraction methods we ensure that each bottle of olive oil that leaves our mill is always of the highest standard.
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For The People

We laugh and we love. This is our motto and inspiration. We are passionate about our work and our source of inspiration.

For the complete support of our producers we created the producers team "Olanthea" with the sole aim of educating, training and supporting producer to focus on ethical agriculture and better quality produce.

Knowledge is power. The more knowledgable the end consumer the more empowered will be the producers who produce high quality olive oil. With this in mind we created our volunteer team which aims to educate both consumers and producers in regards to olives and olive oil by regularly hosting olive oil tastings, olive grove tours etc.

At the same time through our people who live the olive oil we give various sponsorships towards social responsibility, various volunteer actions, exchange programs based on the European Erasmus and much more.
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